Sunday, July 14, 2013


I take a lot of pictures of Eleanor while she sleeps. Have you ever seen a sleeping baby? Just go ahead and try not to take ten pictures of it. I was looking through iPhoto just now to try to pick out some pictures to upload to make myself feel better about not posting in over 5 months, and I just couldn't help but pick only sleeping pictures. So, here is what Eleanor has been up to for the last 5 months.




Sunday, February 3, 2013


Eleanor took another plane ride to visit Arizona to celebrate Dad's 30th birthday. She was so lucky that she also got to spend lots of time with her aunts, uncles, and cousins on this trip. Yay for family time! But obviously we got this vacation started right: with a nap.

We met a good friend for a delicious vegan lunch. Eleanor sure sparkled with all those pretty lights around her.

Then we moved on to the botanical gardens. Living in the Pacific Northwest has set our expectations for botanical gardens to include things like green plants, flowers, and grass. The botanical gardens in Phoenix are in a desert (duh), and are beautiful, filled with a variety of cactus.

Eleanor pretty much slept through this part of the vacation.

We also visited a museum, which we weren't sure Eleanor would like. She didn't. But she did like it when we found the baby-friendly area so she could run around.


She really liked just hanging out at home. Eleanor quickly grew tired of being on the go.

Our last full day in Arizona, Dad's birthday, we went for a short hike before birthday lunch. Eleanor was fed up with being on vacation at this point, and not-so-subtly let us know.

We had a great flight home, with an extra seat in our row. Eleanor was so, so happy to return home. She crawled around the house following us as we unpacked, did laundry, and got supper ready.

It was really fun to visit family. I can't wait for our next trip with Eleanor. Both sets of grandparents are coming to visit in February, so we'll stay put for awhile while Eleanor shows off her super cuteness.


Eleanor's first Christmas!

Eleanor totally got into the Christmas spirit. She slept in until 7am that morning (thanks for that great Christmas gift, Eleanor!). She waited patiently while presents were unwrapped, then examined each gift as it appeared.

She had an equal level of interest in both wrapping paper and presents. Mostly though, she just wanted to play with Uncle Adam's gifts (an orange peeler was particularly popular, and is in her right hand in the photo above).

Uncle Adam slept over Christmas Eve, so he was at the house during present opening.

I'm honestly not sure who was more excited for presents.

Eleanor got Daddy a lovely set of hand- and footprints. Daddy got Eleanor this really great new hairstyle.
After all the excitement of opening presents, it was definitely time for a nap.

Eleanor loves being held for naps. She snuggles up and is completely content in our arms. People often chastise me for holding her for naps instead of putting her in her crib and "teaching" her to sleep like a grown woman. I work full time and spend so much of my life away from Eleanor, so I really treasure the naps she takes in my arms. I know that this won't last forever, and I'm fairly certain that when she's fifteen years old she won't want to nap curled up on my lap in my arms.

After nap time it was time for an early Christmas dinner.

Eleanor enjoyed her Christmas meal of green beans and sweet potatoes.

Overall, Eleanor's first Christmas was a success for everyone! Even Norman got some love.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Eleanor had her first family holiday visitors! Grandma and Grandpa Daul, as well as Aunt Wendy, Uncle Gus, and cousins Kendra, Christopher and Caden came to visit for Thanksgiving.

Eleanor really enjoyed snuggle time with cousin Kendra.

She got a little silly by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. It is really exhausting entertaining so many people with raspberries and kisses!

After Thanksgiving was over, we had some quiet times at home.


Soon it was time for Eleanor's first First Christmas. Since Grandma and Grandpa had to head back to Wisconsin by mid-December, we had Christmas on the second Saturday in December.

She had a great haul from her first Christmas. She's warmed up for Christmas part two in a few weeks!

Eleanor really enjoyed the time she got to spend with Grandma and Grandpa Daul. We are all so glad they were able to visit for a few weeks.

December is flying by. Soon it's going to be 2013. In January we're all planning a vacation to Arizona to celebrate Dad's 30th birthday, and to visit family and see the sun. Then it will be time to plan Eleanor's first birthday party. Where is time going?